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Item number: 130281398429
Questions from other members : My Broken Tumble Dryer
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Q:  Does it get Channel 5? 23-Jan-09
A:  Smash it into your head several times and you'll start to see all kinds of interesting things, I'm sure.
Q:  Hi, would you consider a combination price for both your broken tumble dryer and your 19 box files also on auction. My plan is to use the tumble dryer as you suggest to another ebayer in an act of revenge; I was thinking of an ex-husband/great height situation. So far I can see no flaw in my plan! I could then use your box files to carry home any useful pieces of both the tumbler and the ex (although his useful bits would barely fill one box I have to say). mysweetally x 19-Jan-09
A:  While the prospect of selling both of my items is an exciting one, I feel I must warn you about the inherant instability of your plan. To stack the dryer on top of cardboard boxfiles is certainly possible, but you would need to carefully investigate how to tip the balance to ensure the dryer doesn't end up landing on you instead. I would suggest practising on a few willing friends first, preferably ones you don't like very much. Thank you for your interest.
Q:  I also have a broken tumble dryer. Do you think that it would be possible to combine the two broken tumble dryers and create one super tumble dryer? If yours does 7kg and mine does 6kg, together we could dry 13kg of wet stuff. That's the weight of a toddler. People are always washing toddlers, it's a growth industry. Do you want to help pitch my idea to Theo Paphitis? I'm confident we'll get at least £100,000, the cost of new tumble dryers for both of us and some left over. 19-Jan-09
A:  I'm certainly open to the prospect of broken-dryer synergy. We can called it a 'hybrid' and pitch it on that popular 'environmentally friendly' stance. After all, a broken dryer has NO carbon emissions, which is a very unique selling point in today's competitive industry. If we're pitching it to investors we can easily demonstrate that the business is scalable - in time we'll be able to accept all kinds of broken goods, before gluing them together and selling them on. This is certainly worth further investigation. Lets talk about a business plan over lunch, I've got a flat bottle of coke and a stale sandwich I've been saving for just such an occasion.
Q:  Do you think if I painted it pink it may work ?? 18-Jan-09
A:  While I am certain it would make the dryer appear very ostentatious, I fear it would not improve its current overall functionality.
Q:  Have you thought of covering up the old dryer with a blanket so the new one does not have to see the old one which makes it nervous? We have to do this with our cats, use screens so they dont see each other or all hell breaks loose regards meehock 18-Jan-09
A:  Such is the level of hatred and resentment eminating from the old dryer, I fear that merely obscuring it visually will not do the trick. Also, it's right in the way of my fridge, which has threatened to involve itself in the conflict if a resolution is not found soon.
Q:  Peter, Hi son. Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that whatever you do, DON'T sell the tumble dryer. There's £20,000 in new £20 notes stuffed up inside the back panel - part of the proceeds of that bank heist we did back in November. Truth to tell, it worries me a bit. The money is very close to the electro-capacitor, and if there's a spark, the money COULD catch fire, and Jesus, we don't need that. Just hang on to the dryer until the heat has died down and the Feds are off the scent.Then we'll divvy up, like we always do. Yer ever-loving Dad. 16-Jan-09
A:  Dad, I can't believe you've done this again. You always take the idea of 'money laundering' too literally. What am I supposed to do now? I can't very well end the listing early, it would fly in the face of everything eBay stands for. I'll have to bring the winning bidder in on it, but the money is coming out of your cut. Best Wishes, yer dutiful Son.
Q:  Hi there, now im a bit of a dryer repairer guy and this sounds ideal for the next project however I think that your unit is just too damn good for the standard repair. I know a simple capacitor as stated by another user would do the trick but why waste a fiver on a bit of electronic gadgetry when a launch from a moving method of transport would suffice? Just wanted to ask, if I bid and win would you deliver the dryer? I think you could book a suitable plane ticket (easyjet would be just fine) and allow the said dryer to board without parachute, have it launched over my way and I could have it delivered pretty much to my front door…and probably to my back door….my car door and even my garage door. This method would also save me some additional time from the strip down phase as Im guessing that some of the retaining screws would probably become loose during the decent? Let me know if this would be an option, cheers, Steve 15-Jan-09
A:  Hi there Steve. I like your idea and I definitely see the benefits of delivery from extreme height. The gravitational accelation from 10,000 ft would mean they dryer would arrive on your doorstep travelling at approximately 175mph and take about 8 seconds to get there. You have to admit this level of service is hard to beat, although unfortunately I would be unable to provide insurance against accidental damage during transit. The delivery charge would therefore be £276.50. I hope this is acceptable. Alternatively, you still have the option of a local pick-up if this is preferable. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Q:  I have read your description of this item with great interest and was wondering if you could provide me with the exact dimensions and weight of said "projectile" and if you are aware of any designs for a trebuchet suitable for launching this "projectile" at the local neighborhood youths that persist in "hanging around" on my street corner? Regards HBomb 14-Jan-09
A:  A trebuchet would require a significant counter-weight to get the desired propulsion that you're looking for. The dryer is not too heavy, two people can easily lift it, and it is roughly 85x60x60cm. Might I suggest using some kind of pulley system? You could suspend the dryer from a pulley mounted in a tree, which would allow for a nice pendulum action. Using this method you could score multiple hits to your intended target. Thank you for your interest.
Q:  Hi, Love your posting!! The good news is your tumble dryer is probably easily repairable if you replace the capacitor used for starting the induction motor. I have the same dryer which has had the same fault as you describe twice in the last 18 months (a well known failure for this model when you check on google). The capacitor is available on ebay (eg #280230476136) for less than £5 & can be changed in about 10 minutes. Obviously do not attempt to change this capacitor unless you are competent to do the job. If you would like any further information please email me. Keep smiling Neal (If you're interested, there is an easy way of checking whether the capacitor is faulty) 14-Jan-09
A:  Thanks very much for the advice Neal. I think you've just helped seal someone a fantastic bargain. You yourself sound like exactly the sort of person who would know how to replace a broken capacitor. I almost feel like I've given up on my dryer too soon, but like the fickle lover I am, I have cast off the old in favour of the new, and I am now forced to live with my regret.
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