“I like it on the….” Breast Cancer Facebook ‘Campaign’… is idiotic.

If you’re wondering why all your friends are making updates like ‘I like it on the floor’, ‘I like it on the couch’, ‘I like it on the kitchen worktop’, and so on, it’s because they’re morons who think that a stupid fucking Facebook status update in some way helps the fight against breast cancer.

Apparently October is breast cancer awareness month, and in 2010 (three years ago at the time of writing) this idiotic campaign went viral. The idea being that a suggestive status update would make your friends ask about it, at which point you could self-satisfying state ‘It’s for breast cancer awareness’, and thus the fight against breast cancer would be mystifyingly improved, somehow.

Seriously, Facebook, if you want to say something about breast cancer, SAY SOMETHING about breast cancer. This obscure ‘I like it on the…’ crap does bugger all, because:

1) Most people are already aware that breast cancer exists.
2) An obscure Facebook reference that you have to research/explain doesn’t do a damn thing. A campaign needs some call to action and a stupid status update DOES NOT DO THIS.
3) This silly shit went ‘viral’ no less than 3 years ago, and so it’s not even original.

If you want to help – actually help – consider donating to a relevent charity instead. Or engage people in conversation about it and try to compel them to undertake some kind of fundraising effort. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you’re helping the human race by spamming every stupid piece of repetitive shit you come across on the internet. You’re not. You’re an idiot.