Facebook Misanthropy

Video 8059 | Look what this girl did at the beach infront of 1000s of people!

This is yet ANOTHER Facebook clickjacking scam.

As usual the attempt to entice you to click is accompanied by the picture of a girl in a bikini. I don’t know what’s wrong with people and their inability to help themselves when a bit of cleavage is on display.

These links are never real. You’re reacting to the most basic kind of ploy to catch your attention, and it’s still working.

Ignore all links like this.

Facebook Misanthropy Thoughts

Dear Prime Minister: Is this true? Pension Reality Check Letter HOAX

The following piece of shit has been circulating the internet for YEARS.  NO IT’S NOT TRUE.

Yet all I can see are legions of ignorant, racist morons reposting this with self-righteous anger, so easily ignited by a few lies written on a screen. None of them would think to check the facts or verify the veracity of the claims. The most obvious inconsistency is the constant reference to ‘illegal’ immigrants claiming benefits. An illegal immigrant cannot claim benefits – if they are here illegally and come to the attention of the authorities, they will be deported. That’s how it works.

So naturally this shit is an easy target for Facebook, where idiots repost things without a first, nevermind a second, thought. As always, as ever, CHECK YOUR FACTS before you end up looking like an idiot. It’s not even hard.

Dear Prime Minister’s Office,

Are you aware of the following, is this a true statement and list
of benefits, if not the please correct with the real figures?

The British Government provides the following financial


Weekly allowance: £106.00?


Weekly allowance: £250.00


Weekly Spouse Allowance: £25.00?


Weekly Spouse Allowance: £225.00


Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £0.00?


Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £100.00






Who cares about the Olympic Torch relay?

With the Opening Ceremony of the much hyped London 2012 Olympic games just a day away, I can’t help but look at the Olympic Torch relay in wonder.

Not because I find it interesting, but because I don’t. Actually I can’t think of anything more moronic or pointless.

The torch carries the ‘Olympic Flame’, which is supposed to commemorate the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus. For any sensible monotheists or atheists out there, we all recognise that as mythological bollocks. So just off the bat, we can see the fundamental premise of the symbolism is based on something made up.

Secondly, this habit of dragging a torch around in the run up to the Olympics is not a tradition that runs back centuries. The ancient Greeks certainly didn’t do it, and it actually started in Germany in 1936. There are plenty of worthless ‘traditions’ that are perpetuated simply on the grounds that it’s been done for x-hundred years, but this isn’t one of them.

Then, we take a stark look at what people are actually doing. They’re carrying a lump of metal, based on a stupid fairytale, around the country. The people that do this are ostensibly intelligent celebrities, public figures, role models, or others who are utterly humbled for the honour of participating in this bizarrely illogical procession.

Are these torches ancient artefacts that are only made visible to the public once every four years? No, they’re bespoke, modern creations, manufactured in the present day at great cost, and entirely as a PR exercise. It’s a dull, dreary, evident advert for the fact the Olympics is coming soon – as if we could possibly have escaped that fact in the seven years since London won the bid.

Finally, we look at the ‘Great British Public’ – a veritable legion of hapless automatons who actually turn out in their hundreds and thousands to spectate the lump of metal being carried around. Traffic piles up, those commuting to work suffer misery, people trying to go about their daily lives find roads closed or thronged with people that don’t need to be there. All of this, so they can watch a trumped-up advert go past.

The real lucky ones are those who get to keep their copy of the torch – they go for a pretty penny on eBay, capitalising utterly on the manufactured worth of the whole artificial spectacle.

Internet Misanthropy

The only thing more disturbing than a mad-man killing over 90 people in a well-planned and terrifying attack, is the fact that within seconds of the media reporting the identity of the killer, some opportunistic person is falling over their keyboard in a frantic attempt to buy the domain names.

Specifically,, and its variants. At the time of writing, here is what you will find on these macabre sites (I will not create hyperlinks for any of them). – A blog that purports to have the latest updates about the story. Just some good-natured person looking to keep the world updated? That might be credible were the site not filled with adverts. Just another form of grim profiteering, with the deaths of tens of people as the hook that draws you in. Horrible.  – A standard ‘related links’ spam page.  – A different standard ‘related links’ spam page. – A similar attempt to the other .com, except the spamblog hasn’t been set up properly yet – it just contains a default WordPress theme and post.  – A blank site with a ‘no index file’ error page. – An incredibly spam-tastic GoDaddy ad-holding page.

What compels a person to think registering these is a good idea? How can they not think ‘Whatever reasons I might have, this can only been seen as horribly insensitive to those who have died’? All thought of humane sensitivity is displaced at the prospect of making more money than it cost to register the domain name. A cheap, pathetic little payday for someone cashing in on the horrors of the world.

There should be some very high level directive at ICANN that allows for the deactivation or reversal of registration for those names which are news-topical and sensitive.

These aren’t the only sites that have sprung up as a result of this tragedy. A whole mini-industry of domain names bursts into life around such events. Take the registration of as yet another example – this once again redirects to another ‘news’ site filled with adverts. I can’t think how many other possible permutations there might be. I genuinely hope that Google has the good sense to zero pagerank and ban the crawling of such sites, because they don’t deserve the tiniest fragment of attention. It’s gross, and sickening, and a terrible indictment of the kind of world that spawns this kind of ‘entrepreneurial’ innovation.



Credit Crunch

The next time someone says ‘Credit Crunch’ in a context that is not ironic sarcasm, I’m going to punch them in the face.

BBC, this means you.