Final Fantasy 8 (FF8) Perfect Savegame for PC

I’ve spent ages looking for a ‘perfect’ savegame for the PC on FF8, but it’s harder to find than you’d think. The vast majority of results are for a console version of the game (that will remain nameless to help with searches to this page).

So DOWNLOAD the savegame here if that’s all you’re looking for. Plonk the file in your slot1/slot2 folder within the ‘save’ directory of your FF8 installation.

Some notes about what this save is:

  • It is not my savegame, I didn’t make it. I just found it and I’m reproducing it here with some useful information about it.
  • All stats for all characters are maxed out, as in Str, Spr, Mag, Luck, etc. are all at 255 or otherwise junctioned with the strongest possible magic available for that stat. The only stat that is missing are for those GFs which do not have a Hit-J ability – I don’t believe this can be learned so it only exists for the GFs that have it by default.
  • All characters have a GF junctioned which allows junctioning for all magic, all status and elemental attacks, plus elemental defense x 4 for all.
  • The save has max gil (99999999999).
  • The character has a ridiculous number of items. Looking at the items it looks like a heavily editted save file as every unique item possible appears in the list, including things like 99 Rosetta stones and other things which are impossible to retain during the course of the game. Also included are things that can only be obtained via Chocobo world and other things you could only ever get on that Japanese handheld version of the mini-game.
  • This save loads at DISC 3 on the ESTHAR PLAINS directly before entering Lunatic Pandora for the last time. In other words this is the last point in the game where you still have access to the whole world without restrictions. If you fly into Lunatic Pandora from here, you are then bound into the plot which continues into Disc 4 and the time-compressed world.
  • The characters themselves are only at Level 60 or so, although this is somewhat irrelevant as all stats are already maxed, so levelling up further gives no benefit.
  • This game is imperfect as the player does not have a full complement of cards. Many decent cards are included but many are missing. Several of the cards could no doubt be obtained from the CC Group which are on the Ragnarok by this point, but that would be something you’d need to do yourself.
  • Please feel free to redistribute (but not hotlink) this save – it isn’t mine, I have no rights to it, I’m just trying to be helpful.
  • If you can ‘improve’ on this game, either by adding the rare cards, topping up all the items to a quantity of 100, or otherwise put it in a state that is markedly better than it is now, please send me a copy and I’ll update the version contained here, and give you a credit.

DOWNLOAD the savegame here