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Remove Recommendations in YouTube Subscription Feed

YouTube has recently implemented ‘recommendations’ which appear in the Subscription feed. Here’s how to get rid of it.

Option 1: Remove all YouTube cookies from the browser you use.

I won’t give you the instructions for every possible browser, you’ll have to look it up 🙂

A lot of subtle settings for the YouTube homepage seem to be held in cookies which can have a very long lifespan. These don’t seem to refresh very well, so deleting them should stop recommendations appearing. If not:

Option 2: Clear all Viewing History.

These recommendations are generated based on what YouTube knows you’ve watched. You can find this playlist by going into Video Manager->History. Click the ‘Clear all viewing history’ button and the recommendations will not appear. You can also click the ‘Pause viewing history’ button to stop YouTube logging what you’ve watched, which should prevent them reappearing in future. Of course if you find this feature useful, clearing the data and turning it off it’s a bloody annoying way of having to fix this stupid recommendation ‘feature’.

Option 3: Use another browser.

For reasons probably relating to the cookie issue above, simply looking at YouTube using a different browser may prevent this feature appearing. It doesn’t seem to be limited to Internet Explorer, as users have reported the same problem in Firefox and Chrome. Still, it seems that it won’t affect all your browsers simultaneously, so switching might be your best bet. Annoying if you don’t want to do that.

Option 4: Don’t look at your Subscriptions using the homepage.

Going directly to will still show you your subscriptions, but won’t contain any of the annoying recommendation crap.

Hope that helps!


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