Skyrim Dawnguard: Bloodcursed Elven Arrows Don’t Work?

If you’re having this issue in Skyrim’s Dawnguard where shooting a bloodcursed arrow from Auriel’s bow has no effect, the reason is due to a small bug.

If you improve Auriel’s bow (as I did using Moonstone to ‘Legendary’), this confuses the game and treats Auriel’s bow as if it’s a different weapon, and the special sun-blotting power doesn’t activate. Particularly annoying if you want to unlock the achievement!

PC players can work around this bug by spawning in another copy of the original Auriel’s Bow with the console command: player.additem 02000800 1

Hopefully Bethesda will fix this bug in an upcoming patch….


  1. Sun hater says:

    Spammed copy of bow, still doesnt work.

  2. Sun hater says:

    spammed second time, now works, and i have three bows 😀

  3. brad says:

    Dose not work for me and adding new bow’s with the console dose not work either. UGH so frustrating! No one is talking about this bug and there are 0 solutions. I can load a very early save and it works, but on my high lvl save it dose nothing no matter how many times I shoot the sun, and yes I’m aiming right at the sun and it dose not flash red or yellow like it should and no it dose not change the sun.