Thank you Morissons, Thank you Tesco, Voucher FACEBOOK SCAM

These scam posts are doing the rounds again. They say ‘Thank you[Tesco] [Morissons] [other supermarket]’, pretending to offer you a free £175 or £250 voucher, accompanied by the words ‘Claim your free voucher, only a few left!’.

Same kind of deal as always here. As soon as you stupidly click the link and go to the page, you get linkjacked and it reposts the scammy spam to your Facebook.

As always you’re an idiot if you click such links. It’s _always_ too good to be true and blindly following links posted on Facebook is risky. Without adequate virus protection you’re likely to be installed with some form of virus or malware that’ll either fuck up your computer or steal your personal details. Don’t click it.