As soon as you “like” this you will yawn

This is yet another test of how stupid people can be on Facebook. This is a picture of a woman, one side blurred, the other side not. The image implores you to ‘Like’ and then ‘Comment 55’ and ‘See the magic’.

There is no magic. What do you think will actually happen? This is Facebook. If you click like, it will like something. If you comment, it will comment. NOTHING ELSE WILL HAPPEN.

This is a viral test to see how many fucking moronic people will follow instructions and expect something to happen. It won’t. If you do actually yawn it’s because your brain is susceptable to the suggestion of yawning simply at the mention of it. Liking an image, commenting an arbitrary number, is not ‘magical’ behavior.

It’s not magic, it’s not mystical, you’re just stupid.